Copyright licence for stories

Notice: This licence only applies to the fiction stories on this website. Everything else is available under CC-BY-NC.

The copyright licence for the stories on this website is simple.

I put these stories on this website, free of charge, in the hope that you will enjoy them. The rules for using them are designed to protect my work while giving you as much freedom as possible to enjoy them as you choose. They are not designed to catch you out.

  • You may not:
    • Copy or reproduce these stories on your own websites or other publications without explicit permission from me;
    • Create commercial derivative works (e.g. film or stage adaptations) without explicit permission from me;
    • Pass this work off as your own in any case.
  • You may:
    • Create non-commercial derivative works (e.g. fan art or fan fiction);
    • Create copies of the stories for your own personal use (for instance, printing copies or putting a copy on your e-reader);
    • Copy the concepts and ideas within the stories, as that’s what all writers do anyway. (I won’t complain unless it’s a direct rip-off.)
    • Quote the stories (provided the quotes are of a reasonable length, not more than 10% of the story’s overall length) in journalism, blogging, research etc. or for critical analysis. (If you do, while it’s not necessary, I’d love it if you told me!)

If you do any of the things in the you may not section without my prior explicit permission in the form of a written and signed waiver, you can expect me to send you a politely-worded message asking you to stop. Failure to do so will result in increasingly rude letters being sent by increasingly scary people.

A few more notes:

  • If you’ve done some fan art based on one of the stories, and would like to sell it, you’ll need to drop me a note: in all probability, I’ll say “yes” so there’s no need to be shy. My mail address is adminat this domain.
  • Non-commercial fan art and fan fiction is already explicitly allowed! No need to ask.
  • As a general rule, if you’re not going to monetise your derivative work, that’s just fine. Don’t hesitate to mail me if you’re unsure.