I write stories! I don’t write as many short stories as I used to. I’m currently editing a novel. I don’t know if I’ll post it here or put it on its own website. Or even (shock) publish it!

Notice: The copyright licence for these stories is slightly different to the rest of the website. Commercial adaptations still require my permission. Fan fiction, or fan art that you don’t sell, is explicitly OK. If you want to monetise it, please contact me—I may well say yes.

For now, here are the stories I thought it was worth bringing over from my old website…

  • SPACEHOPPER. There are men and women who spend their lives on transport barges, in suspended animation, travelling between human colony worlds at sub-light speeds. Cosmic hobos, if you will. And one was born in 2007, in Southend.
  • THE LADIES WHO FELL TO EARTH. Two strange women stay with a young boy and his Nan in the run-up to the 1999 solar eclipse. Their bizarre behaviour, and appearance, indicates there is more to this pair of lodgers than meets the eye.
  • THE ARROW OF TIME. Terminal cancer, and a trip to the end of the universe and back.